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Website to become success, Every part plays major Role

Before starting a website Design: You Need to Ask THREE Questions For Effective Business solutions for your website

1. USERS ( Who is Going to See Your Website ? means Your Target Audience )

2. PURPOSE (What will be Your Website Viewers / Users will find from your website? )

3. FOCUS ( Whether Web Site will make sure to have focus on your users and purpose )

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Common Mistakes in Making Good WebDesign

First and most common mistake in making Good Web Design is to use impress the customer using many graphic Designs by misleading focus on central message of the website which it wants to convey to the Business targetted Audience of website.

What you want to convey in website ?

First Focus of website should convey central message with Quality images in consider with target audience in your business..When designing a website is not to please you instead users who are going to use and it's not your website that you want necessary to impress them But what you do the product / Service that you offer must want to impress them.

Good web design is Always Clean , Crisp , Focused , Honest and some times a little unpredictable like Blogs & Discussion forums with Reviews & Ratings gathering from website viewers.

Update your website with valuable information

Start with information that you want to convey to the public... write it down, organise it and then design the website that you want to convey , not the other way around what we mentioned.

Millions & millons of people opening a website in every day ,Majority of them don't touch it again dies and goes down the list ..So if you want to keep your website in Top 10 or 20 Rankings ...update with valuable information which users are viewing & Will come back to you once impressed by them.

First page of your website is fore more important visually than all other pages of your website because thats the first impression.

Best Web Design always starts with a Two Goals in mind with Planning:

1. To Achieve Short term Goal

2. To Achieve Long term Goal

Website Design depends should be well balance of following 4 elements:

1. Good Technology Selection ( TECHNOLOGY )

2. Website with Online Marketing ( INTERNET MARKETING )

3. Attractive Web Design ( DESIGN )

4. User Friendly Website ( EASY NAVIGATION )

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